The Dyno Doesn’t Lie

We had the opportunity to place the motorcycle on the Dyno and finally were able to see solid numbers of what the diesel motorcycle is capable of putting out.  As the day started out we started the motorcycle filled with anticipation.  The only numbers we had were from the factory.  The horsepower and torque after adding the turbo to the motorcycle were completely unknown.

The factory shows:
       HP – 16 @ 3600 rpm
       Torque (pounds-feet) – 30.2 @2600 rpm

We knew that regardless of the final numbers the bike had plenty of power to ride around town and keep pace on the expressways.  Now we were finally going to see how much of a boost the turbo gave the diesel motorcycle.  


As you can see from the video the engine had plenty of fuel.  It was pouring black smoke out the tailpipe and running hard.  We are happy to report a significant gain in not only the horsepower of the motorcycle but also the torque.  

After Axiom Diesel Motorcycle Build:
     HP – 27.2 @ 3463 rpm
     Torque (pounds-feet) – 42.68 @ 2489 rpm

This shows over a 70% increase in horsepower and more than 33% increase in torque.  The Dyno also registered a max speed of over 90 mph!  This prototype has exceeded all of our expectations and once more proven that a diesel motorcycle is not only possible but awesome!  

Below is the official Dyno printout of the run.  Stay tuned on updates on our production build progress and release.