Diesel Motorcycle at IMS Texas

Axiom Diesel had a great response from the people of Texas at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas.  It was great to exhibit the current concept and answer further questions on the viability of diesel motorcycles and the future of production.  

This was the first public appearance of our picks for engine.  We have chosen the Doosan D10 engine to provide power for the motorcycle.  This will allow for great aftermarket service of the engine and the ability to easily find parts.  We were also able to display the turbo we are built by IHI Turbo.  Quality builds start with quality parts and we are making sure to source the best to produce a great highway ready motorcycle to ride for years and miles to come.  

The feedback on the styling and concept art of the Knight was wonderful and the Paladin was extremely well received at the show.  Many people see the potential of diesel as an applicable long range power plant and fuel economy potential.  As the show wrapped up we were happy to have met so many amazing people and introduce the future of diesel motorcycles in the United States.

Now that the show is over we are preparing to reconfigure the diesel motorcycle we took to IMS Texas and build out a Knight variant based on the feedback that we received from our friends at the show.  We look forward to seeing you at future events.