Who we are

We started our journey in 2012 in a garage outside Atlanta GA.  Matthew decided to build a diesel motorcycle for himself.  He jokes, “I could not buy one so I build one.”  Not wanting to be average he decided to build the motorcycle from the ground up and not use a donor bike.

Looking back it has been an awesome build with lots of ups and downs.  The more shops we visited with the motorcycle the more feedback we were given on people talking about the motorcycle.  It was a great conversation piece for their customers and employees alike.  Looking back at all the talk made us realize that America is ready for something new, something different.  Whatever the situation, we were always ready to move forward.  Our team has a passion for bringing great machines to life for the American rider.  We love to get our hands dirty and produce unconventional and unique motorcycles.  

Today we are a growing company in the Columbus OH area.  Seeing the need for something new and different in the motorcycle space convinced us to build this idea into a business.  We love to go against the current industry trends and build motorcycles for everyone.  Whatever the future holds we will keep pushing forward.  The only question is:  

Will you join us?