America's Diesel Motorcycle

We are the
Diesel Powered Motorcycle

Starting at $49,500 and ready for the open roads of America.

Start with a solid full fairing diesel powerhouse!!

Next, click on the icons to see how to customize it from handlebars to rims, front to back to make it your own.


Whether you enjoy a low rising handlebar or 18" ape hangers we have you covered


We start with a 23" front rim and 18" rear. You choose the rims design in black or chrome


Sporty or comfort, Solo or 2-up, with so many option to choose from picking just one will be difficult


Want a long-lasting touring tire? Need a sticky corner hugging sport tire?


From a single color to complete custom we have you covered. Check out our base offerings.


Whether you enjoy air or springs we will make sure your ride is ready for whatever you throw at it.


Being able to not only feel but see everything your bike is telling you is important. How the information is displayed matters.


All bikes come standard with radio and usb to plug in your phone. But there are many upgrades.