We are currently based in the Columbus OH area.

We believe strongly that freedom and mobility are directly related.  With the current state of the American infrastructure we believe that diesel is currently the only viable energy alternative for long distance travel to gasoline.  Looking into different energy sources we have settled on the high energy and ease of access of diesel fuel.

We will contact you shortly to get more information.  We will also discuss what to expect from us.

We are a Private company established in the USA.

The “Knight” will be designed with touring in mind.  We will of course add our own spin on the style to make a truly unique motorcycle.  After all we are an American Company designing the motorcycle for the roads of the United States.

We are looking into different options to benefit both parties.  If interested contact us for further discussion.

The best way to show support is to tell all you friends, family, and enemies about ADC.  Help us get the word out about our motorcycles and grow our tribe.  You could also show support by purchasing apparel where the money earned goes directly to grow the company.  

The most helpful to ADC is a motorcycle reservation.  This shows the world you are not only a fan but will have one of the first bikes to hit the streets.

Will you join us?